The Hat

Wooo! Me and some friends were starving today so we hopped over to “The Hat.” They serve all kinds of awesome diner food, like burgers, fries, hot dogs, onion rings and their world famous pastrami. It’s a diner with a flavor and vibe from decades ago (that’s a very good thing!) and everyone comes here to just GRUB. “The Hat” isn’t the place to go for a light snack (unless you’re Shaq), or one of “six small meals” that are all the rage in the fitness world today. This is the kind of place that Paul Bunyan would live at. He would just come with his big pet Ox and have his own booth and know everyone’s name. This place is ridiculous! I love it! Check out these pictures:


We went to the Lake Forrest spot, located on Rockfield and Lake Forrest Blvd. The phone number is (949) 586-9200. Write that number down. You’ll want it when you’re fitting for a meal that will put you out for a couple of hours.



Checkers and Stripes. Classic.


That’s my friend Chris Do. Challenge him to an eating contest. Really. I dare you. This kid has a gift. Or like two stomachs.

No but seriously, challenge him. E-mail me. I’d love to set it up if you think you think you can take on the “Do-Boy.”



OK. If you didn’t get the memo, they serve “World Famous Pastrami” here. No description needed, let’s just appreciate the 10:1 meat-to-bread ratio. Just as important as those intense math equations you learn for the SAT test.



Chili Fries. Not for the faint of stomach. Start as a boy, finish as a man.



Get the chili fries with pickles, onions, and tomatoes. It’s healthy, I promise. And besides, everybody’s doing it.

If you’ve been here, then you’re probably phoning in your order after seeing those pictures, cause you know how delicious “The Hat” is. If you haven’t, then you should really check it out. Until next time friends, keep loving and keep eating.

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