James Provan the Pancake Filmmaker!

James Provan is a songwriter/video producer from Scotland who has found his niche in creating two amazing short pieces of film that provoke one’s love for food. His videos have been featured on the likes of ABC, Fox and other international broadcasting outlets. The first video below is the one that garnered the fame, the second just shows his prowess in filmmaking and his true soul as a foodbeast! Enjoy:


KFC Value Menu

Are we in a recession? I ain’t Alan Greenspan, but from what is being portrayed in the news, it seems like signs are pointing in that direction. Don’t be too hasty to smash the piggy banks just yet though, because the world’s most popular chicken restaurant is coming to the rescue! Kentucky Fried Chicken is rolling out with a new value menu at its 14,000 locations. These new selections are coming in conjunction with a similar value menu being rolled out by Taco Bell, based around the premise of not having to pay more than 79-99 cents for some chow. Hungry from the backbreaking 7 days we call finals week, we headed down to KFC to fill our stomachs without emptying our bank accounts!

Yeah, seriously! Why should we pay more?

Triple Layer Nachos ($.89)

Popcorn Chicken Snackbox ($1.99)

Honey Mustard deserves it’s own fan club.

KFC Snacker ($0.99)

The founding father of KFC money savers. The Story of the Snacker. Definitely coming soon.

The newest hype at Taco Bell. Didn’t get one, but it probably makes you wanna salsa dance.

Nacho Cheese Chalupa ($1.59)

Get one of these. ASAP. Anyone ever tell you that everything tastes better fried? Well, they’re right.

This is Sagar. In all seriousness, this gentleman is likely the best, hardest working KFC team member ever. If you ever in the area, go to the Kentucky Fried Chicken on Campus Drive next to the UCI campus. He’ll try to sell you every item on the menu and manage to treat you like royalty at the same time.

Much love guys, keep eating!


Whopper Freakout Campaign Dissected

A few days back I posted a parody that I found regarding the Whopper Freakout Campaign, a video that poked fun at Burger King’s campaign to discontinue their famous Whopper for a day and ultimately capture customer reactions. Though the following has a hefty running time (7:36…almost an eternity for an Internet video), it’s definitely an engaging look at their psychology and marketing tactics and shows you stuff they haven’t shown on television. Enjoy:


Japanese Food Commercials

Why is it that Japan gets all these great commercials? A lot of attention to detail, cleaner graphics, more inspired…I did some heavy research on the subject so I have plenty of quick examples for you all, enjoy!

Japanese Chocolate:

Japanese McDonald’s:



Dole Bananas:

Teriyaki Boy (this one makes me super hungry!):

Wasabi Budweiser (not Japanese made, but whatever):


Quizno's 5 Dollar Sub Campaign

With no shame whatsoever, Quizno’s follows in Subway’s footsteps with their 5 dollar sandwich campaign. Let the rumble begin:


No Tomatoes At McDonald's

Reports across various news outlets have been noting that McDonald’s has temporarily stopped serving tomatoes on their hamburgers due to a precautionary tactic against the reports of possible salmonella traces. It seems other fast food chains may follow suit, some have reported that Jack In The Box did not include tomatoes on their sandwiches either (in the past few days). Let us keep Heinz in our prayers. (Thx LA Times)

Lastly, according to, you don’t want Salmonella:

  • Salmonella bacteria can cause diarrhea (which may be bloody), fever, nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain. Serious and potentially fatal cases are more likely in young children, frail or elderly people, and people with weak immune systems.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

I feel like everyone should learn how to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies from scratch. They are easy to make, relatively inexpensive, fill your kitchen with a cozy aroma, and late at night they are irresistible, especially when paired with an ice cold glass of milk.

I’m writing to ya’ll from my University Student Center, which is currently packed with students sweating over the impending arrival of finals. I wish I didn’t have my own studying to consider, so I could just amass a collection of snacks and pass them out to everyone on the grind. For now, pictures of this quintessential cookie will have to suffice. Enjoy!

Dear friends Consuelo and Okita stopped by the Foodbeast HQ to hang out and catch up. We decided to bake some chocolate chip cookies. These two kids are awesome! Hopefully they can lead the Bay Area Foodbeast movement, so keep an eye out!

These puppies are definitely ready for the oven!

It’s amazing what 20 minutes in the oven can do.

Very Nice!


Bravo Burgers

Here at Foodbeast, we have taken notice that our subject matter (anything and everything food related) is beginning to afford us a very nice luxury. I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t love food, and nearly everyone I know has something exciting to contribute during a conversation about good eats. Today, Foodbeast field correspondent Mang is taking us to a place he raves about in Chino Hills, CA: Bravo Burgers. Just like all the kids raised in Chino Hills, we grew up on the killer diner food they serve here, especially their unrivaled breakfast fare. Mang and his two brothers John and Matt were kind enough to take us on a tour! Check it out:

That’s John waving on the left, and Matt looking like a thug.

This place gets pretty packed on weekend mornings, as you can see from the hustle-and-bustle behind the counter.

Mang raves about this, the complimentary fresh chips and salsa bar.

Matt’s choice: The Colossal Burger, loaded with bacon and pastrami.

Mang being a cultured young man, opted for a gyro wrap sandwich. It’s a greek fast food sandwich filled with meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie and top with a tzatziki, a tangy yogurt sauce.

This burrito is a local legend. It’s a warm tortilla loaded with bacon, egg, cheese, and french fries, the classic components of a quality breakfast meal. If you go during breakfast hours, you can get it with fresh hash browns. Nice.

Foodbeast runs in this family.

If you are looking for some great breakfast and down-home diner cooking in the Chino Hills area, give Bravo Burgers some love.

Bravo Burgers

14660 Pipeline Avenue

Chino Hills, CA 91709

(909) 393-5595