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Takis Introduces New Stackable Crisps

When you think of a spicy rolled tortilla chip, Takis immediately comes to mind. Not that there’s very many spicy rolled tortilla chip snacks in the first place, but it’s still good to be the first thought for anything. Now, that spicy rolled tortilla chip is getting un-rolled into potato crisps.

Introducing Takis Crisps, an new entrant in the on-the-go snack game. These stackable potato crisps are hitting store shelves in a portable container and are loaded with the same dynamic Takis energy and flavor.

If you’re intrigued by a Pringle-like snack experience, only with a dropkick of spice to your taste buds, you can cop Takis Crisps now at your local retailer.

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Domino’s Australia Debuts New Cheesy Vegemite Pizza

Vegemite is an iconic Australian food spread that’s made from leftover brewer’s yeast extract. The flavor of Vegemite can best be described as an intensely savory and salty smack to your palate.

Though the condiment can be quite polarizing to folks outside of Australia, locals swear by it. Domino’s Pizza locations in the Land Down Under are catering to Aussie tastebuds with the debut of a new Cheesy Vegemite Pizza, which pairs the iconic Australian condiment with melty mozzarella.

The limited-edition pizza carries a suggested price of $7.95 AUD, or about $5.84 USD and will be available for only three weeks.

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Heinz Ketchup Has a ‘Tomato Blood’ Costume Kit for Halloween

It’s easy to see why ketchup has long been mimicked as blood. The red condiment is an effective stand in, really, and earns its stunt double reputation especially around Halloween.

Capitalizing on this, Heinz just launched a limited-edition Tomato Blood Costume Kit to amp up everyone’s Halloween costumes and vibes.

The Tomato Blood Costume Kit is made up of a Tomato Blood Ketchup bottle, face paint, applicators, stick-on tattoos, vampire fangs, and more. In addition, Heinz is leaning further into the Halloween spirit by building a branded Halloween Store pop-up in Los Angeles, where fans can cop Heinz Halloween products and can even enhance their costumes at interactive “drip stations.”

If you’re looking to have a bloody good time with this costume kit, head on over to the Heinz Halloween website to purchase.

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Fed Up With Husband’s Laziness, Woman Deep Fries His Prized Pet Fish Worth Thousands


goreng arwana😁##fyp

♬ Singkong & Keju Cover – akhmal.dniel

When bae gets mad, there’s levels. And depending on said level, the lesson they’d like to teach their partner can range from the valley of some stern talking to or the peak of them deep-frying your pet fish worth tens of thousands of dollars.

The latter is exactly what happened in a viral TikTok clip from @miakurniawan01 that shows her teaching her husband a lesson for being too lazy — by frying up his pet Asian arowana fish. This fish isn’t your typical guppy, though, as the Asian arowana is a highly coveted fish, worth anywhere from $300 to $70,000 or more. A rare albino breed once sold for an eye-popping $300,000.

Though this man’s fish wasn’t as expensive as a Lamborghini, we can be sure that he probably had a good chunk of change wind up in the deep fryer. Pretty hefty price for not cleaning the fish tank, really.

In subsequent TikTok clips done in response to comments from folks, Kurniawan’s husband ultimately forgave her and is now in the market for a new pet Asian arowana.

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Krispy Kreme Becomes Krispy Skreme, Debuts New Halloween Collection

Krispy Kreme is getting a bit of a makeover for the spooky season, and it would be fair to say it’s as if the doughnut chain itself is donning a costume for Halloween. That’s because starting this week, Krispy Kreme will now be known as Krispy Skreme, complete with a new logo change.

Now with the ghoulish revamp comes a tasty new Halloween collection of doughnuts: The Abra Cat Dabra doughnut, Enchanted Cauldron doughnut, Bewitched Broomstick doughnut and Spooky Sprinkle doughnut.

To celebrate this launch, Krispy Skreme customers can enjoy Saturday Scary Sharies every Saturday starting October 16 through October 30, where they’ll be treated to a $1.00 Saturday Scary Sharies dozen with the purchase of any dozen, packaged in a special edition spellbook dozen box.

Krispy Skreme is bringing back its beloved treat of a free doughnut, no purchase necessary, to any fan who visits a Krispy Skreme shop in their Halloween costume on Halloween.

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New M&M’s Crunchy Cookie Will Be Releasing in 2022

Last week at the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) annual show, Mars Wrigley U.S. unveiled a host of new products set to debut on the horizon. One of them was a new M&M’s Crunchy Cookie flavor. The brand describes the new offering as having “a great-tasting crunchy center covered in delicious milk chocolate, all wrapped in the colorful, iconic M&M’S candy shell.”

Surely this gives a proper nod to chocolate chip cookies with M&M’s in the mix, a snack that’s always been a fan favorite. In terms of availability M&M’S Crunchy Cookie will debut nationwide in Single (1.35 oz.), Share (2.83 oz.) and Sharing Stand Up Pouch (7.4 oz.) sizes, starting March 2022.

Fast Food

Shake Shack’s New Black Truffle Menu Available Nationwide

Black truffle menu items always have an air of lavish aura around it, enticing diners with its nutty, earthy, and uniquely savory flavors. This reputation is the very reason why Shake Shack’s Black Truffle menu had a successful test last December at four New York and California locations.

And with that success comes a much wider nationwide release of the Black Truffle menu, which includes a Black Truffle Burger and Parmesan Garlic Fries with Black Truffle Sauce. The Black Truffle Burger is a gruyere cheeseburger topped with black truffle sauce and crispy shallots on a potato bun, while the Parmesan Garlic Fries also gets a topping of the decadent black truffle sauce.

Both menu items are made with Regalis Foods’ USDA Organic Black Truffle Arbequina Oil, which is flavored with real Spanish black truffles, and are available nationwide starting Friday, October 15 through January 10.

Those who have the Shack app can get early access to try the new Black Truffle menu starting October 12.

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Foodbeast and Pieology Link Up to Create A Western BBQ Pizza

In the long history of fast food, few burgers have had quite an impact and unique flavor than a Western BBQ Cheeseburger. The tangy hit of barbecue sauce, the scintillating crunch of fried onion rings, and the luscious ooze of melty cheese make for one memorable burger — each and every time you order it.

Foodbeast recognizes the legend that is the Western BBQ Cheeseburger, but since we always take pleasure in amping up our food experiences, we thought, ‘How awesome would it be to have a Western BBQ Cheeseburger in pizza form?’

We must have been thinking out loud because custom pizza innovator, Pieology Pizzeria, seemingly heard us and said, “We got you fam.” The result: The limited-time Foodbeast Western BBQ Pizza. This pie is loaded in true Foodbeast form, boasting a one-of-a-kind bbq sauce and ranch base, melty mozzarella cheese, crispy bacon, juicy meatballs, crunchy French’s fried onions, and topped with a zesty bbq sauce drizzle. Yee-freakin’-haw.

Pull up to your local Pieology and ask for the Foodbeast Western BBQ Pizza starting October 12 and see for yourself just how deliciously crucial fusing a Western BBQ Cheeseburger with a Pieology pizza really is. Available at all locations nationwide for a limited time.

Created in partnership with Pieology.