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Krispy Kreme UK Teases New Xbox Donut

Krispy Kreme UK’s Twitter account recently fired off a tweet that contained a promo video teasing an Xbox-themed donut dubbed ‘The Nexus Level Doughnut’.

While details on taste and specific ingredients are scarce for now, Krispy Kreme UK’s site does state availability from August 2 – August 22. On the site are rules to a sweepstakes that can get fans a free month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and the chance to win themselves an Xbox Series S.

We’ll be sure to put you on to more details surrounding this product release once they become available.

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McDonald’s Recruits Saweetie For Their Next Celebrity Meal Collaboration

McDonald’s has not missed with their collaborative celebrity meal series that has already featured the likes of Travis Scott, J Balvin, and BTS. For the next one, the Golden Arches has enlisted Bay Area rapper, Saweetie as its next musical artist collaborator.

The “Icy Girl” rapper is the perfect fit, really, given the fact that she’s a foodie at heart and has been known to enjoy meals of Jollibee fried chicken or seafood pasta.

Dubbed the “Saweetie Meal,” it will include a Big Mac, four-piece Chicken McNuggets, medium fries, medium Sprite, and Tangy BBQ sauce which has been renamed the “Saweetie ‘N Sour” sauce for this collaboration. Fans can start enjoying the Saweetie Meal at participating McDonald’s locations on August 9.

Packaged Food Sweets

This Limited Edition Chewy Chips Ahoy Is Filled With Hershey’s Fudge

The prospect of busting open a soft, moist Chewy Chips Ahoy to reveal a gooey inner of Hershey’s fudge is enough to trigger anyone with a sweet tooth to react in awe, wonder, and excitement. That’s why this new, limited edition collaboration product from Chips Ahoy and Hershey’s looks to be an unbeatable duo that will tag team and do a number on your cravings.

This mouthwatering new combo can be found at grocery retailers nationwide and is just begging to be nestled in some ice cream to make the perfect summer sundae.

Food Fashion Sweets

Warheads Sour Candy Has a New Clothing Collection

FLAN (Forever Laughing At Nothing) is no stranger to food-themed clothing collaborations, as evidenced by their past odes to exotic fruits and cotton candy. This time around they’ve linked up with the ultimate sour candy, Warheads, for a limited edition clothing collection that gives vibrant nods to sour candy’s extreme fruit flavors.

The vivid collection is available starting Saturday, July 31 at 9AM EST on and at Fred Segal Malibu and Los Angeles locations, and is comprised of five t-shirts ($80 each) that sport a distinct hand dip-dye method, meant to simulate the color of each Warheads Extreme Sour flavor: Apple, Black Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Lemon, and Watermelon. Also included in the line is the ‘WALLY’ Button Down ($150) made from 100% recycled polyester that boldly boasts a pink and yellow gradient to match the Warheads logo.

Check out the whole line below to peep the drip and possibly catch flashbacks of your most mouth-puckering moments with Warheads.

Fast Food News

Popeyes Ends the ‘Chicken Wars’ By Buying 1 Million of Its Competitors’ Nuggets

News of Popeyes debuting their own chicken nuggets spread like wildfire earlier this month, with many speculating that they would be the bite-sized equivalent of the chain’s now legendary chicken sandwich. And such speculation leading to excitement is valid, considering that Popeyes’ chicken sandwich was the catalyst to the much hyped Chicken Wars, also know as the Chicken Sandwich Wars.

In a brilliant stroke of petty and to promote the new chicken nuggets, Popeyes has purchased the equivalent of one million nuggets from competitors like Chick-fil-A, Burger King, Wendy’s, and McDonald’s through their Popeyes Foundation, and will be donating their nuggets to Second Harvest Food Bank of Greater New Orleans and Acadiana.

Fans can get in on the petty party too, with Popeyes pledging to match up to $25,000 in donations from the Popeyes Foundation website.

Packaged Food Technology

Introducing The First Ever REESE’S PUFFS Musical Cereal Box

Giving a whole new meaning to “playing” with your food, REESE’S PUFFS is turning its cereal boxes into special edition, first-ever series of music boxes. Dubbed the RP-FX and RP-PRO, these boxes can actually create real music, and REESE’S is encouraging fans to share their beats and creations to an accompanying app.

Here’s the details on each REESE’S PUFFS music box:

– Comes in three limited-edition boxes: Crunchy Drum Machine, Creamy Lead Synth, and Chocolatey Bass Syth.
– The music comes to life when fans add the REESE’S PUFFS on the back of the box and use an accompanying app on to create their beats.
– RP-FX boxes use a first-of-its-kind augmented reality technology to detect where the PUFFS have been placed and make unique music tracks based off their placement.
– Fans can get all three boxes to create different layers to the tracks.
– RP-FX boxes are available now at grocery stores nationwide.

– The RP-PRO is an ultra-exclusive synthesizer, designed to look like a box of REESE’S PUFFS cereal but with all the music samples, audio effects, functions and power you’d expect from the most serious piece of music equipment. 
– It features custom REESE’S cup dials, custom-molded REESE’S PUFFS buttons along the bottom, chocolatey drum pads, a built-in sampler and a dome visualizer with menu. Plus a secret inside compartment to fit a small bag of REESE’S PUFFS cereal.
– REESE’S PUFFS will be sending the RP-PRO to some of the top music artists and hit-makers around the country, as well as giving away a few to a couple lucky fans.

Packaged Food Snacks

This Gourmet Popcorn Company Has Its Kernels Wrapped In Different Flavors

To be honest there really hasn’t been much innovation in microwave popcorn in decades. That’s why when I found out about Opopop having kernels wrapped in different flavors, I was intrigued. Because this sort of change and added novelty to microwave popcorn could really shake up that market.

Claiming to be the first of its kind, Opopop has Flavor Wrapped Popcorn Kernels that release delicious flavors once popped. And right now they’re offering a full Opopop popcorn kit that includes the following flavors:

  • Cinnalicious
  • Maui Heat
  • Fancy Butter
  • Vanilla Cake Pop
  • Chedapeno
  • Salted Umami

In addition, the kit also comes with an extra Fancy Butter sachet to test the optimal time on your microwave to ensure no burnt popcorn and a custom BPA-free microwave popper that doubles as a collapsable serving bowl.

This Opopop Discovery Kit is pretty much a starter pack to their innovative popcorn and can be purchased for $40 here.

Fast Food What's New

Jack In The Box Teases Spicy Tiny Tacos Ahead of August Launch

With the huge success of Jack In The Box’s Tiny Tacos ever since debuting on the menu in recent years, new iterations were sure to come. That’s why it makes perfect sense that it was teased on Jack’s Late Night Discord, the restaurant’s late night after party for gaming and comic book fans on Discord, that Spicy Tiny Tacos were on the way soon.

It looks as if the mega popular Tiny Tacos have a fiery new makeover, with the taco shells having a distinct and vibrant red color, which I’m sure is the indicator to the spicy new tweak to the original.

These hot new Spicy Tiny Tacos are set to launch at Jack In The Box locations on August 9.