Outback Steakhouse Jumps Into the NFT Space

Outback Steakhouse has entered the metaverse and everything’s coming up onions. The home of the “Bloomin’ Onion” sold 8,000 NFTs in 20 minutes. 

Created as part of its Outback TeamMATES program, the NFTs were made available to consumers for free on National Onion Day (June 27) and are redeemable at all Outback Steakhouses for rewards from the brand. 

To close out the Spring 2022 semester, Outback also teamed with eight new college baseball and softball athletes, signing them to NIL deals as part of the Outback TeamMATES program

The TeamMATES class of 2022 for college baseball and softball includes the University of Oklahoma Softball’s Jocelyn Alo and Jayda Coleman, University of Washington Softball’s Baylee Klingler and Kelley Lynch, University of Tennessee Baseball’s Jordan Beck and Ben Joyce, and University of Florida Baseball’s Hunter Barco and Colby Halter. 

Each TeamMATE promoted the NFTs on their social media channels, alerting fans about the opportunity to own digital collectables that unlock access to exclusive prizes offered by Outback. 

Outback will continue to build the TeamMATES program with additional male and female college athletes throughout the year, with all eligible student-athletes for the 2022/2023 school year encouraged to apply for consideration at The deadline for the fall application period is August 12, 2022. 

To date, Outback Steakhouse has fielded more than 350 applications and has accepted 150 athletes across 24 different NCAA Division I sports into the program.

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This New Beer From Singapore is Made Using Recycled Sewage

Photo: Facebook

Hailing from the always cutting-edge city of Singapore, NEWBrew is a new blonde ale beer that’s brewed using recycled sewage. 

The unusual concoction came from a collaboration between Brewerkz, a local craft brewery, and Singapore’s national water agency, PUB. While originally announced at a water conference in 2018, it only recently became available to the public in April.

To brew sewage into something sippable, NEWBrew uses NEWater, the country’s brand of drinking water that’s also recycled from sewage. NEWater is made using ultraviolet light to disinfect sewage followed by passing the liquid through advanced membranes and removing contaminant particles. What remains after the process, the brand asserts, is simply clean water. 

Early birds lucky to taste test the beverage say it’s a refreshing, light ale that suits Singapore’s tropical climate perfectly.

With freshwater decreasing around the world, converting recycled sewage into drinking water has attracted support. The country ultimately believes NEWBrew can help to educate Singaporeans on sustainable water use and recycling. 

According to Hindustan Times, the sewage-to-brew libation is slowly becoming a popular trend at breweries in other cities. Stockholm-based Nya Carnegie Brewery teamed with brewing giant Carlsberg and IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute on a purified sewage pilsner while Village Brewery in Canada partnered with researchers from the University of Calgary and US water technology company Xylem for their take.

Time will tell if recycled sewage water beer catches on. In the meantime, Singaporeans can search at their local supermarket for NEWBrew while supplies last.

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Here’s Your Chance to Win a Sleepover at a Dave & Buster’s in Miami

When you were a kid, did you ever wish you could spend the night at Dave & Busters and collect all the tickets to cash out a grand prize? Well, your dreams have been answered because Dave & Buster’s is giving one fan the chance to have a sleepover for one night only on July 16 at their pop up, “B&B” in Miami.

The pop up experience is a result of Dave & Buster’s latest campaign, “enjoying the Great Indoors,” just as we embark on the hottest summer days with heat waves.

Dave & Buster’s is adding a suite to their Miami location so one lucky fan will be able to bring their family and friends to spend the night. We’re not sure you’ll even want to sleep because the stay includes unlimited access to Dave & Buster’s entire selection of games, a full-service bartender to pour signature cocktails, and complimentary service of the full chef-crafted menu. They even have indoor jet skiing!

Think you want to take your chances and sign up? To enter the “D&B B&B” contest, visit and submit a 10-second video about why you think summer is better spent in the Great Indoors. Contest entries will be accepted until July 1, 2022 and all entrants must be 21 years or older. The winner will be announced on July 11, 2022 via Dave & Buster’s social media accounts.

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Wingstop Introduces New Hot Honey Dry Rub

Yes saucy wings are great, but to be honest, I prefer my fried bird to be sans sauce. The crisp and crunch that makes fried food so loved diminishes once sauces get thrown into the mix. I like my fried chicken to have some fierce crunch action, which is why Wingstop’s new Hot Honey Dry Rub has my appetite all perked up.

The limited edition dry rub pairs the sweetness of honey with a rush of heat from cayenne pepper and ancho chili.

Wingstop’s Hot Honey Dry Rub is available now through the summer season at participating locations while supplies last.

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Target Selling a Whole Line of Breakfast Cereal-Scented Candles

The intoxicating smells of breakfast are some of the best things to wake up to in the morning. Sure, eggs and bacon being cooked up are top notch scents, but taking a whiff of a bowl of your favorite breakfast cereal is an underrated essence as well.

For those that are familiar with the sweet perfume of some Honey Nut Cheerios or Trix, then Target’s new lineup of General Mills cereal-scented candles are your next must-cop.

Cereal-lovers can buy a roster of candles with scents inspired by Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Lucky Charms, Trix, Cocoa Puffs and Honey Nut Cheerios. All of the candles are available at Target stores nationwide as well as in a range of sizes ($5-$10) and designs. There are also two gift set options available for $15 for a three-piece set.

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Chobani Debuts Oat Milk Horchata and Greek Yogurt with Popping Candy

Chobani is debuting two limited-batch products that are sure to punch up the flavors in your fridge this summer: Chobani Oat Horchata and Chobani Flip Red, White & Poppin’.

The Oat Horchata is a non-dairy, nut-free and gluten-free oatmilk that boasts cinnamon goodness with every sip. Chobani’s Flip Red, White & Poppin’ is a new lemon low-fat Greek yogurt that has red, white and blue popping candy pieces inside. The fireworks of flavors are sure to get your palate in the spirit of 4th of July.

Red, White & Poppin’

Both Chobani Oat Horchata and Flip Red, White & Poppin’ are now available at retailers for $4.99 and $1.79, respectively.

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Arby’s and Old Spice Drop a Roast Beef-Patterned Sweatsuit

Arby’s and their proficiency of meats have tapped in with Old Spice to help tackle the meat sweats. The partnership does feel hand in glove the way Old Spice does offer sweat protection via its Sweat Defense Dry Spray.

The result of this new collaboration is a limited-edition Meat Sweat Defense kit that includes a co-branded Arby’s and Old Spice roast beef-patterned sweatsuit and a hilarious new commercial starring the Old Spice guy, Isaiah Mustafa, and actor Ving Rhames, the voice of Arby’s.

Arby’s x Old Spice Meat Sweat Defense kits were available for a limited time at for $60. The kits feature a roast beef-patterned Meat Sweat sweatshirt and sweatpants, a co-branded towel, sweatband and two Old Spice dry sprays — a worthy arsenal to combat the meat sweats after a visit to Arby’s.

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Taco Bell® is the Summer Destination for Refreshingly Chill Beverages

Temperatures are rising, shorts have replaced pants and summer is officially here. To prepare for the hot days ahead, Taco Bell is introducing new frozen and fountain beverages to their already impressive US line-up.

Next up and taking things to a whole new level of coolness is the new Mango Whip Freeze, available for a limited time and while supplies last. As Taco Bell’s latest Freeze flavor, it’s the ideal drink for the summer simmer. Swirling with flavors of sweet mango and creamy vanilla, you’re sure to get your frozen fix. The Mango Whip Freeze joins the Mountain Dew® Baja Blast® Freeze and Wild Cherry Freeze on Taco Bell menus.

In honor of the new Mango Whip Freeze, Foodbeast has discovered a flavor hack that adds a spicy kick to your Chilly excursion. To experience this tasty explosion, mix Taco Bell’s Fire & Diablo sauces into your Mango Whip Freeze and let the deliciousness blow you away.

Adding a splash of color to your summer is Brisk® Dragon Paradise™ Sparkling Tea. Fruity and fizzy, Dragon Paradise is the perfect getaway for your tastebuds. The bubbly blend of dragonfruit, berry, and hibiscus flavors create a sparkling and refreshing twist on iced tea. To keep cool all summer long visit your local, participating Taco Bell and try out the new Brisk Dragon Paradise Sparkling Tea and Mango Whip Freeze.