Zombie Sauce

Halloween is on the horizon and any real FOODBEAST needs the right kind of condiments to compliment their ghoulish dishes this year. Assaulting your taste buds with a spice strong enough to bring the dead to life, Zombie Sauce will help you rejuvenate any and all dishes that are deceased in the flavor department. Zombie Sauce‘s thick consistency is perfect for coating some zombie hot wings or for spicing up some pizza for all your undead guests. ($5 @ ThinkGeek)

By Brian Yamamoto

Brian earned his bachelor's degree in Communications from California State University, Fullerton with an emphasis in Photocommunications. He is a self-proclaimed ramen aficionado and dabbles in photography and writing in his spare time. While almost a carnivore, he doesn't shy away from partaking in peculiar cuisine whenever he's offered the chance. Some of his current culinary obsessions include home-made peanutella, gastropub burgers and sea urchin sashimi.

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