Your Oreo and the Titanic are Both 101 Years Old Today, Celebrate With This Cupcake


The Oreo cookie turns 101 years old today, and Crumbs Bake Shop is recognizing this for the monumental occasion it is by offering a cookies n’ cream cupcake, which features vanilla cream cheese and an entire Oreo on top. You know who would really enjoy a cupcake like that? Rose from the Titanic. Don’t see the connection? Just wait.

Oreos came out in 1912 — the same year that the RMS Titanic slammed face first into an iceberg. And remember Old Rose from the movie Titanic? Yeah, her character was 101 years old when she dropped the world’s ugliest trophy necklace into the ocean.


That’s right. Your cookie is the same age as Rose from the Titanic. Also the same age as this guy.

We’re pretty sure that Old Rose’s post-death fantasy of reuniting with the entire Titanic cast in the afterlife would’ve been vastly improved by one of Crumbs’ Oreo cupcakes, but since she can’t have them, we’ll just have to enjoy them for her.

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