Your 12-Year-Old Cousin is Smoking Smarties on the Playground

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Because the Disney channel wasn’t enough to make you feel incredibly old (did you know they replaced Boy Meets World with Dog with a Blog? Yes, really), today’s middle schoolers are apparently crushing Smarties and smoking Fun-Dip powder, because reasons. The South Carolina school responded by banning any candy that could be powdered. So. No more candy hearts for you kids. Enjoy the rest of your sugar-free holidays.

Why, when I was their age, I’d wait ’til it got cold outside, then suck on a candy cane and exhale. That was my smoke. None of this wasteful nonsense. Kids today, amirite?

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By Aziza Sullivan

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This isn’t anything new, although maybe it’s new in the US. I’m 27, and did this when I was 12. That and something called ‘hockey powder’ which was would really sting. Next thing you’ll be telling us kids smear tiger balm under their eyes to get that delicious stinging sensation and see who can go the longest before crying.

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