You Will Not Believe How Unimpressive the Latest Cronut Offspring Is



Apparently, the internet has discovered a more “humble” version of the cronut. Spotted by NPR’s Ian Chillag at Chicago’s Donut Fest, the doughscuit hails from Endgrain Restaurant — the latest enterprise to offer yet another Cronut offspring.

The half doughnut, half biscuit confection features a “transcendent” and “impossible mix of doughnut-fried sweetness and crumbly biscuitness,” according to a smitten Chillag.

The inspiration of the novelty mash-up came about when Enoch Simpson, chef and owner of Endgrain, responded to requests to create a Cronut copycat. However, rather than attempting a Cronut clone, Simpson’s brother Caleb (who also owns Endgrain), suggested they experiment with the Doughscuit hybrid.

The rest, is history. However, while the doughscuit is touted as next-level, we can’t help but be unimpressed after the plethora of cronut lookalikes bombarding our tastebuds (see: here, here, here and here). Sigh, what happened to the days when a good ol’ glaze would do the trick?

Picthx NPR

By Charisma Madarang

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