You Can Hang Your Beer Bottles from Your Fridge Now

drink hanger

Now this is an efficient way to use all of the space in your fridge. A Kickstarter campaign is ongoing for bottle hangers that let you hang your drinks from the top of your refrigerator using magnets.

This idea is supposed to help make some space in your crowded fridge so you don’t feel sorry for buying that six-pack.

Using customized magnets, the bottles’ caps easily latch onto the Bottle Loft as the hanger is strong enough to hold a 10-pound steel-plate weight. It uses a pretty stable-looking adhesive on the back of the strip, so it can just be attached to the roof of your fridge and it’s ready to go. The adhesive is made to handle the cold temperatures of the refrigerator and can hold up to 88 pounds.

The design and prototype are all set and the company is now looking for $20,000 in backing so they can mass-produce the Bottle Loft. The company currently has over $14,000 in backing with 23 days left to reach their goal.

Yeah, bitch! Magnets!

H/T Bottle Loft

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