Epic Video Game Trailer Starring a Slice of Bread Will Make You Cry

Sliced bread is frequently referred to as “the best thing” when compared to other innovations, but after all these years of us taking it for granted, we can now know what it is like to be a slice of bread.

Bossa Nova Studios, who brought the world Surgeon Simulator earlier this year, released I am Bread on December 3.

For less than $10, you can frustratingly climb cabinets and toilet seats in an attempt to get toasted. The toaster is the obvious method, but evidently any appliance emitting heat will do the trick.

Bossa Nova Studios released a pretty humorous trailer that makes the simulation feel like a horror film with an unusual villain:

The current version of this bread simulation game is available on Steam as a beta test; an official launch is set for next year.

H/t Tech Gen Mag

By J. Fergus

J. is an overbearing pizza snob who loves putting as much sugar as possible in cupcakes and coffee. They eagerly awaits diabetes.

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