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Restaurant Publicly Shames Customers For Calling Its Employees The N-Word

It’s depressing to see blatant and harsh racism like this still so prevalent in today’s world, especially when it’s hurled at people just doing their jobs.

A couple of black employees at NYC restaurant Xi’an Famous Foods were harassed and called the n-word by two customers who came into the restaurant recently, according to Eater NY. The customers had presented cash to pay for a to-go order, but since it was just before closing and the restaurant wasn’t too busy, the registers were already locked out and the cashier asked if they could pay by card. The customers got upset at this, so the worker did end up unlocking the registers so they could pay by cash.

Everything from that point seemed fine until their food arrived, when one of the customers began making remarks about the employee’s “community,” leading to the above video in which the customers ended up yelling at the restaurant staff, telling them that “if you can’t deal with the word ‘black,’ then you should look at yourself in the mirror every day.”

The entire debacle ends with the customers walking out while one of them yells out multiple times:

“Fuck you, n*****.”

After this transpired, Xi’an Famous Foods CEO and President Jason Wang posted security footage relating to the incident on Facebook, and later uploaded the above footage as the full account of what exactly happened. He said that “while it wasn’t the PR thing to do,” what happened was “beyond ridiculous and should be called out.”

“This is unacceptable. I personally would not have taken this as calmly as my staff did, and while there’s no “Yelp” for me to give 1-stars to these two, I want to at least try to get some sense of justice by spreading awareness by highlighting how close racism still hits home.

This disrespect for people got to stop, and for me, it needs to stop at our stores.”

Wang also said that if anyone knows who the two customers are, they should know that they are banned from all Xi’an Famous Foods. He also encouraged them to make a donation to NAACP as atonement.

By Constantine Spyrou

Constantine's life revolves around eating, studying, and talking about food. He's obsessed with eggs, gyros, and the future of food.