XBox, Hookers, and $30,000 worth of Junk Food

I’m not gonna lie, I can’t seem to figure out whether this story is true or not, but this might be the coolest kid in the world. His name is Ralph Hardy, a 13 year old boy from Texas who ordered an extra credit card from his father’s account and took his friends on a $30,000 spending spree.

Allegedy Ralph got a motel room for him and his friends and ordered bountiful amounts of Fritos, Dr. Pepper, and Oreos. Upon seeing the boys’ ages, the delivery man became skeptical, but Ralph smoothly explained that they were simply celebrating their recent victory in a “World of Warcraft” Tournament! And to top it off, he asked the man where they could score some women, and that they were willing to pay! He then ordered two $1000 a night hooker, and instead of trying to you-know…(rhymes with duck), they kids ended up playing Halo 3 on the XBox 360 gaming console that Ralph had purchased earlier with his father’s credit card

I know it sounds like a hoax, but it’s all over Google! Check out this report. I don’t care if it’s fake, this kid is boss!

How would you spend $30,000 on food? E-mail us your answers!

I would fly in my own sushi chef from Japan. Gnarly.

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