Would You Like Your Eggs Scrambled, Sunnyside Up or Erect?


Ever wish that you could eat your eggs on a stick like a warm, breakfast popsicle? Nope, me neither. But someone invented a machine to do it anyways.

As the Rollie Eggmaster infomercial informs us, it’s the “fast, easy, pan-free way to make perfect eggs every time!” In case you were too lazy to make eggs the traditional way, The Rollie Eggmaster has your back. This little machine cooks your eggs in a cylindrical tube shape which pops them up when they’re done. Like toast. But with eggs.

Although this product seems entirely unnecessary and watching someone eat the egg popsicle did make me a little queasy, I will admit that some of the breakfast combos sounded appealing. Like the bacon and egg Rollie. Bacon, always a win.

Rollie $30 @getrollie

H/T + PicThx Consumerist and Gizmag

By Melissa McGlensey

Melissa McGlensey is originally from Orange County, CA but currently living in Eugene and attending University of Oregon. Melissa is passionate about literature, politics, Youtube videos of cats, travel, feminism and carbs. She spends her free time writing, daydreaming about Thai food, or coping with her irrational fear of mushrooms.

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Yeah, no. I’m done with these new-fangled, weirdo inventions on how to cook a better egg. I spent $9.99 on Eggies and it was the stupidest thing I’ve ever attempted to use. I wish I had read reviews before buying it because many many MANY people said the Eggies ‘system’ is a piece of sh** and not worth your money. I used it once and right into the trash the whole thing went.

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