Would You Drink Beer Out of a Capri Sun Packet?


(Yes – the answer is yes.)

Here’s the thing. I know plenty of fully-grown men who still drink Capri Suns. Granted, these same men also live with their parents and haven’t been on actual dates in a while, but the perfection of a Capri Sun’s packaging still stands. Beverage pouches are just better. You can bring them pretty much anywhere and don’t have to worry about any carbonated liquids sloshing around and causing a huge mess. There’s a reason they give these things to kids. And what are drunken adults but giant, accountable kids?

BeerPouch bills itself as the “first flexible beverage pouch made for ALL beverages, particularly sparkling or carbonated beverages,” and it’s the perfect alternative to glass growlers. Capable of holding 64 ounces, each BeerPouch runs for only $10, eliminates oxygen and light damage and folds up for easy storage — assuming you don’t just fill it up again once you’re done chugging your Allagash.

Sadly, fully-loaded BeerPouches are only available from breweries who’ve already made the switch. But you can purchase 10 beer pouches for $60 at And since they’re twist-cap, you also can’t stick a straw in them like the good old days. But you’re a grown-up now and no one can tell you not to drink out of the spout.


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By Dominique Zamora

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We checked, and the BeerPouch is available wholesale for a couple bucks. Goodbye glass growlers. This green breakthrough is far better for the environment than bottles or cans with a fraction of their carbon footprint. This BeerPouch container will change the face of carbonated beverage packaging world wide.

Bravo BeerPouch! This is the most innovative breakthrough in the history of carbonated beverage packaging. The carbon footprint of these kinds of pouches are traditionally far lower than a bottle or can. The pouches fold flat when shipping, can you imagine the cost savings on freight alone? The pouch has a flavor neutral contact layer, and may be burped of all air prior to sealing, and no light damage as the package is opaque. This is great for craft beer. Less expensive for the consumers, and fresher beer too. I am going to save the planet one BeerPouch at a time

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