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Monster Truck Transforms Into ‘The World’s Biggest Ice Cream Van’


You’re looking at the world’s biggest ice cream truck. This behemoth of an automobile looks like the love child of a drunken night between a monster truck and your neighborhood ice cream mobile dispensary. And it practically is.

Czech carmaker Skoda did the unthinkable and turned a 5.5-ton, 21-foot tall Octavia vRS into what could possibly be “the world’s biggest ice cream van.” With five-foot tall tires, this beast takes a bit of effort if you want to get your ice cream handed to you, but it’s arguably pretty bad-ass looking.

The Monster Ice Cream Truck will be touring the UK and treating kids with up to 6,500 free ice cream snacks. How will you know it’s coming your way, you ask? You’ll probably be able to hear it with it’s four large speakers. Or maybe you’ll just see a colossal silhouette in the distance approaching.

I just hope the ice cream they’re giving out is as big as the truck it comes from.

H/T + PicThx DesignTaxi

By Peter Pham

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