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Fed Up With Husband’s Laziness, Woman Deep Fries His Prized Pet Fish Worth Thousands


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When bae gets mad, there’s levels. And depending on said level, the lesson they’d like to teach their partner can range from the valley of some stern talking to or the peak of them deep-frying your pet fish worth tens of thousands of dollars.

The latter is exactly what happened in a viral TikTok clip from @miakurniawan01 that shows her teaching her husband a lesson for being too lazy — by frying up his pet Asian arowana fish. This fish isn’t your typical guppy, though, as the Asian arowana is a highly coveted fish, worth anywhere from $300 to $70,000 or more. A rare albino breed once sold for an eye-popping $300,000.

Though this man’s fish wasn’t as expensive as a Lamborghini, we can be sure that he probably had a good chunk of change wind up in the deep fryer. Pretty hefty price for not cleaning the fish tank, really.

In subsequent TikTok clips done in response to comments from folks, Kurniawan’s husband ultimately forgave her and is now in the market for a new pet Asian arowana.

By Reach Guinto

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