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Woman Almost Swallows Worm in McDonald’s Iced Tea

mcdonald's worm

It’s starting to become a bit alarming that worms are being found in fast food items. Earlier this week, KFC had that problem in their chicken wings, now McDonald’s is taking a turn.

If you were sketched out by McDonald’s food before, this story won’t help any. A woman in Charlottesville, VA, said she found a worm inside her iced tea.

On the drive home from the McDonald’s, the woman took a sip of the iced tea and felt something in the back of her throat. She spit it out and discovered that it was a little worm squiggling in her mouth.

McDonald’s said that they, and the Health Department, are investigating the matter. While the Health Department did not find any worms in the iced tea maker, they did find several rodent droppings throughout the store.

I will never look at my $1 sweet teas the same way again.

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By Isai Rocha

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