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Woman Finds Buttery Swastika Inside Her Chicken Sandwich


Charleigh Matice was less than thrilled when she found a swastika in her McDonald’s chicken sandwich. The North Carolina woman told WCTI that she had opened her Southern Style Chicken Sandwich to dress with mayonnaise when she noticed the Nazi-symbol drawn in melted butter on the interior of her bun.

Matice complained to the store employees who offered to replace her sandwich. Reportedly, Matice lost her appetite and instead was issued a full refund. Anti-Semitism will do that to you, regardless of the crispy white-meat chicken patty with a hint of dill. The restaurant owner has since issued a statement of apology for the incident and the employees involved in the creation of the McSwastika have been fired.

Information about whether or not the employees were affiliated with the Nazi party has yet to be released. However, it’s more than likely that they were simply bored fast food employees looking for a stupid laugh.

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By Peter Pham

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31 replies on “Woman Finds Buttery Swastika Inside Her Chicken Sandwich”

Obviously this particular customer took offense and lost her appetite. Equally is obvious is the answer to your second question. Clearly she inspected her food before eating it because she wanted to add mayo.

PS: I inspect my food before I eat it from any quick-service establishments. I would recommend you do the same. Some employees just don’t care about what they serve to you.

But… the McDonald’s chicken sandwich already comes with mayo. Unless she got it on the side to add herself. Which is understandable. If you let the sandwich makers put the mayo on there, they drown it.

Whatever, I just don’t think I would have even noticed the shape of the butter. If that’s even butter. To me it doesn’t look like a purposely-drawn swastika; it looks like imprints of grease from the chicken patty.

Its actually pretty decent if you get a nice fresh piece of crispy chicken. I still think the sandwich is overpriced though, along with the filet o fish. Also, I draw dicks and smiley faces on the 10 inch tortillas for the mc/snack wraps when I’m bored some times. This was most likely a bored person but they chose the wrong thing to draw obviously.

You’re absolutely right. Shit is good but overpriced…and yeah that was definitely just some bored person passing the time at work, probably could have done with a talking to instead of being fired.

I probably wouldn’t have noticed it either if the article didn’t point it out. Harmless, yes, but oh well. Moral of the story, don’t screw around at work unless you know you won’t be caught, haha.

Nope, sorry, this is as stupid as I’m able to get. But if I hit a new low at any point in the next year, you’ll be the first to know, I promise.

Obviously the customer only complained in an attempt to get a comp’d meal and potentially have a case to sue. I would have kicked her out of my establishment for trying to cause trouble

Did she? Because the article specifies that she didn’t want any more food after that because she lost her appetite… Sooooo… she left with no food, and as far as I know, there’s no lawsuit. If you really would have kicked her out, you would be a damn fool and a horrible owner/manager.

If he didn’t absorb the facts from the (incredibly short and succinct) article, I doubt there’s any hope for him.

I wonder if the guy would have been fired for drawing a cross, or Star of David? Such bullsh*t. He draws a symbol sacred to both Hindus and Buddhists, and some fat ignorant mayonnaise-eating cow has him fired for it?

..except this is definitely a nazi one rather than a buddhist one cause of the direction. also i would imagine people would also get pissed about any type of religious symbol on their food especially if its not their own religion. But, that doesn’t even apply because this a nazi symbol, not a buddhist/religious symbol.

Ah, my mistake, I meant symbol sacred to Hindus. This is a symbol sacred to Hindus. I get those mixed up (the symbols, not the religions). Not “definitely a Nazi symbol” though.

You’re a fucking jackass if you think some douche working at mcdonalds drew that as a hindu or buddhist symbol. And if you’re just trolling, you’re really not very good at it.

Why wouldn’t some “douche” draw a symbol on a bun? By the way, saw your responses to others here…. it must suck to be so insecure, good luck with that.

You can’t read well, can you? I said they didn’t draw it as a hindu or buddhist symbol, as pointed out it’s the wrong direction for that.

Yes I can read, and you are wrong. That exact symbol, with the “arms” facing that direction, is a sacred Hindu symbol. Look it up, and then shove your foot into your angry little mouth.

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