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Woman Attacked by Angry Taco Bell Customer who Blames Her for Missing Breakfast Cutoff


Every fast-food employee knows that the last 20 minutes before the breakfast menu ends are the most chaotic. Customers will storm the the restaurant and drive-thrus demanding they get their morning fix, regardless of the breakfast timer running out. One instance ended in the horrific attack of a Taco Bell customer.

According to KGUN-TV, a woman was ordering her breakfast at the Taco Bell drive-thru when she was assaulted by an angry Taco Bell customer. Detectives believe that the cause of the attack was the vehicle behind had just missed the cutoff for the breakfast menu and decided to take their rage and frustration out on the woman in front of him. This was obviously the best course of action rather than blame themselves for the hours they’ve had beforehand to order breakfast.

The woman reportedly pulled out of the Taco Bell when she noticed that the SUV that was behind her in line was now following her. Upon pulling over to call the police, she could hear the passengers of the vehicle (a man and woman) yelling expletives towards her.

A man then exited the car and proceeded to smash her car windows. Afterwards the man picked up a rock and struck the woman repeatedly in the face. The woman received a broken nose and teeth as a result of the attack, which unfortunately occurred only a few weeks before her wedding.

Despite this vicious assault, she says she will continue to go through with her big day.

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By Peter Pham

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I’m ok with everything the guy did up to punching her in the face. The punch seems excessive. However, I have been behind indecisive assholes that seem to hold everyone else up with no concern. Maybe a wake call like this will make her think a little faster.

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