Woman Almost Gets Murdered For Eating Roommates Cookies


Chips Ahoy for breakfast isn’t ideal, but it’s so delicious.

Allen Hall, 23, allegedly went nuts and almost killed his roommate after she admitted to eating three of his Chips Ahoy cookies for breakfast in Decatur, Ill. Hall made threats to the 49-year-old woman, and she initially thought he was joking, until he attacked her in the bathroom. He grabbed her around the throat with both hands and tossed her into the bath tub. He then got on top of her and strangled her until she was unable to speak.

The landlady said she heard a commotion from her dining room, went over and found Hall on top of her in the tub. She and the victim’s husband arrived at the scene together and pulled Hall off her.Hall is now being held in Macon County jail on $75,000 bond for charges of attempted murder and aggravated domestic battery.

He probably felt like Ross from “Friends” when one of his coworkers ate his sandwich.

H/T Herald Review

By Isai Rocha

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