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3 Handy Wine Gadgets Every Wine Lover Needs

Calling all oenophiles! Here’s a roundup of the latest gizmos to chill, wheel, filter and preserve your precious nectars. — Tina Borgatta

Coravin Model Eleven Wine Preservation System

Keep it Corked

It may sound like magic, but this latest Coravin Model Eleven Wine Preservation System allows you to pour a single glass of wine without removing the cork, and then it reseals the bottle like the pour never happened. And with the Coravin Moments app, you can match up to four wine flights at a time with music, movies — even TV shows. The pack comes with six argon gas capsules that pressurize bottles after each pour to retain freshness. (That’s enough to cover 90 pours.) It also includes an aerator, a display base, six Coravin screw tops to preserve capped bottles for up to three months after opening, and a case, so you can take your Coravin anywhere you’d like. $999.95,

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Cooper Cooler Rapid Wine Chiller


Don’t you hate it when you forget to chill that special bottle of white you were planning to serve your dinner guests? If you had a Cooper Cooler Rapid Wine Chiller, your vino would arrive at the perfect temperature in 3.5 minutes. That’s all the time it takes this novelty of refrigeration to cool a 750 ml bottle to a sublime 53 degrees. (Six minutes will get it down to 43.) A switch allows you to turn the spin mechanism on or off (in case your wine is too delicate to twirl). Bonus: It works on beverage cans, too. And the Tailgater model comes with a 12-volt car adapter. So cool. $79-$99, 

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Purely Delightful 

While the debate continues over whether sulfites are to blame for pesky wine headaches, it’s still an accepted fact that SO2 can affect a wine’s aroma and sometimes even the finish. But the folks at Üllo have found a way to remove sulfites with every pour through its new purifying aerator outfitted with a special filter (Üllo calls it Selective Sul te Capture technology) that can be switched on or o to remove sulfites and sediment. The initial purchase includes four filters, a base for storing and a travel bag. $79.99, 

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VinGardeValise Petite 02

Have Wine, Will Travel 

If a trip to wine country is in your future, consider bringing along this TSA-approved wine carrier. With a shell made of thick, durable polycarbonate and an interior outfitted with a dense foam, the VinGardeValise Petite 02 holds eight bottles of precious cargo. When fully packed, the weight typically ranges between 43 and 50 pounds (well within the standard airline limit). Get packing! $249.99, 

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