International food done fast and fresh at Wholesome Choice Market

Between pigging out at Jack In The Box after a long night of tomfoolery to throwing down Red Bulls and Cheetos during finals week, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. Nobody wants Taco Tuesday to become the highlight of their week. Don’t lose hope though, because Wholesome Choice Market in Irvine, California is the perfect place to go for tasty food that is made fresh, served in titanic portions, and sold at a darn good value. Wholesome Choice is a bustling, eclectic environment, like a United Nations for food. Peep the food court and you will find Chinese, Persian, Middle Eastern, Thai, Mexican and Indian food, along with freshly baked pizza and a ridiculously large selections of desserts. You gotta check this place out:

Check out these guys going to work on some broccoli. I wasn’t joking when I said everything was fresh.

Elie contemplating what to order. Making a decision in this place is no joke. All the food is laying out in front of you, lookin’ all sexy and smelling real nice. Steamed rice or fried rice? Beef with broccoli or orange chicken? Gotta think that over. Not the kind of decision you want to mess up.

My friend Henal decided he had to have the Pad Thai noodles with Chicken Balls. Yeah, ummm, I’m pretty sure that was the real name of this dish. It’s delicious, so any awkwardness should be overlooked when deciding to order this.

Roommate Mang chose to throw down some Chinese BBQ chicken and Beef with broccoli, along with a generous serving of steamed white rice.

I opted for Thai Yellow Chicken Curry over steamed white rice. This is knockout. I recommend this wholeheartedly, especially if you like spicy food. If you don’t like, I’ll eat it for you. 🙂

Elie’s selection: Kung Pao Chicken in the back, Shrimp with Veggies in the front. Hot damn! If you are hungry you are probably losing your mind right now. Mission accomplished.

Best thing is, everything featured will set you back only about $6. These guys don’t try and hustle you with portions either. If you eat a whole plate in one sitting you are definitely gonna wanna take a nap and might even be in a little pain. Wholesome Choice rocks, especially for it’s great value and unique selection of freshly prepared dishes from around the world.

Wholesome Choice Market, Inc.

18040 Culver Drive

Irvine, CA 92612

(949) 551-4111

Be safe and have an stellar Friday everyone. Thanks for reading. Keep eating. Peace.

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