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Every Whole Foods In The US Is Now Carrying SmartSweets Healthy Gummy Bears

Were gummy bears one of your earliest candy addictions? Growing up, our parents would tell us to cut back on the handfuls of squishy, sugary bears we’d shovel into our mouths as we indulged during Saturday morning cartoons.

Then, we discovered SmartSweets Gummy Bears and our addiction became a lot less sugar-filled, and  our childhood dreams have come true! Finally we can feel good about candy!

Called the “Halo Top of Candy”, these low-sugar gummy bears actually allow you to eat candy as a healthy snack every day- Candy for breakfast? Check!

SmartSweets only has 3 grams of sugar for the whole bag. For scale, 3 grams of sugar is also equal to just under 2 individual Sour Patch Kids.

SmartSweets gummy bears are free of sugar alcohols, GMO-free, free of anything artificial, and high in fiber — plus an entire pack comes in at a mere 90 calories!

For those ever wondering where to find some of these healthy gummies, SmartSweets are now sold at all Whole Foods locations nationwide.

Actually, pretty sure our candy stash is running low, better plug the nearest Whole Foods onto Waze and stock up on healthy candy.

Created in partnership with SmartSweets

By SmartSweets

At SmartSweets we're on a mission to empower people to live their happiest lives. It's about kicking sugar but keeping candy and creating a movement based on smarter choices. Proudly Canadian!