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Viral TikTok Shows a Massive Haul of Food From Whole Foods Dumpster


Reply to @celester The same WF that throws out enough each night to feed a community😔. ##dumpsterdiving ##freegan ##usa ##dumpsterdiver ##AEHolidayForever

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TikTok user @dumpsterdivingfreegan recently posted a clip that went viral to the tune of over 3 millions views, which highlighted a massive haul of seemingly fresh food that she obtained dumpster diving through a Whole Foods market.

The account’s aim is to use dumpster diving as a way to expose the problem of food waste in America. In the clip above we see what look to be a still packaged and still frozen whole turkey, dozens of what seem to be fresh raw meat and Beyond Meat, juices, sauces, milk, yogurt, fresh cut fruits, salads, and packages of guacamole. It’s a sobering visual, really, knowing the disparity between the amount of food being wasted and individuals in need.

This whole account has numerous clips that show the mass amounts of still good products and food that’s being wasted by markets and stores in the US, and hopefully with its sizable following of 347k+ followers, can further shed light on the problem that can lead to solutions.

By Reach Guinto

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