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Whole Foods Apologizes After Overcharging Customers For Products


Whole Foods has recently been under fire after it was discovered they were overcharging customers. The grocery chain would raise prices for prepackaged foods leaving New York customers unaware that they were paying too much, reports USA Today.

An investigation by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs discovered that Whole Foods stores in NYC had been listing incorrect weights for prepackaged foods that led to overcharges. These prices could range from 80 cents to $15 depending on the item.

Co-CEO Walter Robb has officially owned up to the situation. In a video, Robb admits that the company has made mistakes and that it was an unintentional result of the company’s “hands-on” approach.

The grocery chain is facing multiple fines for mislabeling its products.

Whole Foods stated that it will begin training stores in pricing accuracy and will refund any customer who finds a pricing error.

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