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Your Whole Foods Bill May Soon Be Way Cheaper Thanks To Amazon

Amazon shook up the industry last week by acquiring the ever popular Whole Foods Market for $14 billion.

As people wonder what changes Amazon will make to the store, it is being reported that we might see a drop in prices under the new ownership, at the expense of employees.

Customers know that the bill can get pretty high on an average trip to Whole Foods, but according to Bloomberg, the market plans to “reduce headcount and change inventory to lower prices.”

Ur not special amazon.

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In doing so, you might not see too many of your friendly cashiers at your local Whole Foods, as they could soon be replaced by automated check-out technology.

Self checkouts aren’t new, but Amazon has the potential to take it to the next level, to the point where you can literally just walk out with your groceries, no lines necessary.

In 2016, Amazon introduced a cashier-less grocery store in Seattle, with “Just Walk Out technology.” That means your phone syncs to the store, detects what you pull off the shelf and charges you on the way out the door.

It sounds crazy, but Amazon now has physical vessels to carry out its plans on.

Amazon has been tight-lipped about its plans with Whole Foods thus far, but don’t be surprised if employees start getting the axe, in exchange for high-tech shopping experiences.

By Isai Rocha

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