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These Two Top Notch Chefs Found A Way To Elevate White Castle Sliders To The Absolute MAX


When we picture fast food comfort menu items, White Castle’s famous sliders are pretty high up on that list. There’s something about a beef patty, grilled onions, and cheese that just works so well together. Our very own Geoff set out to meet some of the most talented chefs across the country to see what their elevated take on the slider would be.

Two episodes into our White Castle series, For The Love of the Slider, we’ve met some pretty cool personalities who gave us their personal take on the the iconic mini burgers.

Santa Ana, CA

First stop was Chef Linh Nguyen who works as the executive chef at Crave Restaurant in Santa Ana, CA. Linh started eating White Castle when he was 12 years old and started playing with flavorful ways to “upgrade” the burger.

While easily devour-able on their own, Linh came up with his own mouth-watering variation for us to try. The chef incorporates hatch chiles, bacon jam, and cornmeal fried pickles to upgrade his White Castle burgers.


Imagine the satisfying texture and heat that comes from such a spicy take. We can still hear the scintillating crunch of the pickles.


Chicago, IL

Next, we then took a trip to Chicago and met Chef Tanya Baker. The 28-year-old James Beard finalist grew up channeling her Louisiana-bred father’s Cajun style of cooking, opting to apply such to her interpretation of a White Castle slider.

Chef Baker’s sliders include a fried boudin cake, shrimp étouffée, and a seasoned remoulade. As you can see from the image below, they’re oozing with flavor. Geoff probably needed a napkin or four by the time he was done with them.


If watching popular fast food burgers getting upgraded by professional chefs is your thing, this series is the one for you.

Keep an eye out on Nov. 8, 22, and Dec. 6 for the next few episodes.

By Peter Pham

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