This Restaurant Owner Was A Dick To Vegans And It Brought In TONS Of Business

Ah, vegans. There are few sources of entertainment greater than the impassioned rantings of an angry vegan.

Paul Stenson, owner and operator of The White Moose Cafe in Dublin, Ireland, was a firsthand witness to this reaction, as a swarm of infuriated meat-haters bore down upon him with the furious clickety-clack of a thousand netroverts.

The entire online war began after Stenson posted a status to his cafe’s Facebook page, passive-aggressively mocking a vegan who came in and apparently had a hissy fit due to the restaurants lack of vegan-friendly foods.


The vegan woman this post was intended to taunt eventually saw it and wrote a ferocious review online. After other fellow vegans saw her plight, they quickly joined in to verbally trash the restaurant and the owner for his poor (in their opinion) sense of humor.

As word began to spread of Stenson’s response to the angry diner, more and more vegans and vegan supporters began thrashing the restaurant online, scorning the owner for being “disgusting, disrespectful and ignorant.”

After receiving a multitude of reviews from people who had never even eaten there, Stenson decided to take it a step further.

While his response may have sounded a bit aggressive and his sense of humor a bit rough around the edges, the sarcasm and use of ridiculously faulty logic is evidence enough that he does not intend to shoot vegans at point blank range. His joke caused so much more damage in repercussions that he eventually decided to grow up and apologize to the vegan community.

PSYCH! Paul Stenson, according to these posts from his restaurant’s Facebook page, gives little to no fucks about what people think of his actions. In fact, if you were to visit the White Moose Cafe’s Facebook page, you would see that even today, he is still urging these angry men and women to continue attacking him.

Not only did the vegans’ attempt to shut down White Moose Cafe fail miserably in grand fashion, but their ostentatious and misguided scrutiny also managed to give the restaurant an unreal amount of good publicity. Even amongst the hundreds of death threats Stenson has received, he still manages to keep his sense of humor about him, albeit a pretty dark sense of humor.

In the end, the vegans succeeded in failing to make a difference. Maybe we can get them to start bombarding Foodbeast, if we’re lucky.

Image Sources: Huffington Post, White Moose Cafe Facebook Page



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