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New White Claw Lemonade Flavors Drop This Summer

Lemonade is arguably the most refreshing summer drink you can sip on right? It’s fresh and easy to chug with a nice sour punch and a hint of sweet. Apple juice doesn’t cut it during the summer season (though it’s delicious). Orange juice is only for breakfast and becomes useless after 12PM. So it makes sense why White Claw would combine their unique flavors with the power of the most refreshing beverage you can get.

Four new delicious flavors are coming from the White Claw team with their new White Claw Hard Seltzer REFRSHR Lemonades. The flavors are Lemonade Limón with a hint of calamansi, Lemonade Blood Orange with a hint of black raspberry, Lemonade Blackberry with Red Cherry and Lemonade Strawberry with a hunt of Kiwi.

There’s some classic flavor combinations here like strawberry and kiwi but the most interesting flavor addition is the calamansi. Clamansi is a citrus fruit from the Philippines and is like a hybrid of a kumquat and Mandarin orange.

The new White Claw Hard Seltzer REFRESHR Lemonades come in a 12 pack and are now available nationwide.