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White Castle’s New Turkey Sliders Are Stuffed With Your Favorite Thanksgiving Sides


Now that Halloween’s over, we’re quickly gearing up for Turkey Day. Funny how our two favorite holidays are back-to-back. In honor of Thanksgiving, White Castle is introducing three new Turkey Sliders.

Made with Butterball turkey burger patties, the sliders feature a variety of different Thanksgiving sides in a set of three. The Turkey Dinner Slider’s is stuffed with sweet potato waffle fries and cranberry sauce. The Cranberry Turkey Slider is slathered with only cranberry sauce. Finally, the Bistro Turkey Slider boasts a tangy Bistro sauce.

You can also get the sweet potato waffle fries as a side along with a cranberry spritzer with Sprite, Brand Eating says.

The trio of Turkey Sliders will only be available at White Castle through the holiday season.

Photo: White Castle

By Peter Pham

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