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White Castle to Add Alcohol at Select Locations

Since White Castle opened it’s doors over 90 years ago, nothing has changed much. Their famous “square” sliders are still main fixture for the brand. However, due to slumping sales White Castle is now attempting to add more profitable alcoholic beverages to its menu.

Last Wednesday, White Castle began testing beer and wine sales at a restaurant in Lafayette, Indiana. That particular location fuses a conventional White Castle model with a new concept company called Blaze Modern BBQ. There were “very positive” reactions among customers who had the opportunity to try out the affordable $4.50 wines and $3.00 beers.

Unfortunately, White Castle only plans to serve alcoholic beverages at co-branded restaurants due to strict policy measures at fast food restaurants concerning underage workers. Other fast food restaurants that are also playing with the same idea are Burger King and Starbucks.

Beer and wine at your local fast food spots, good or bad idea? Exciting or blah? Speak on it!


By Lucia Phan

Lucia Phan has a Bachelors Degree from the University of California, Berkeley in Food & City Culture and Environmental Economics. She is the founder of Banana Slug Edibles, where she bakes specialty cakes and cupcakes for patients in Orange County & Los Angeles. In her free time she likes to collect recipes and will forever be searching for the best chocolate chip cookie recipe known to man.

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