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Report Names White Castle As The Most Craveable Burger Chain In The US

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What’s the one burger place that you crave more than any other? Do you have a burger that you just have to keep going back for?

Apparently, when it comes to burger chains, the answer for many people is White Castle.

According to Restaurant Business News, research group Consumer Brand Metrics recently published a report that showcased the most “craveable burger chains” in the United States. The research was conducted on recent customers of the different burger chains who were asked if the burgers were “crave-worthy” and “one-of-a-kind.”

When all of the data was collected and analyzed, White Castle came out on top as the most craved of the burger chains surveyed, with nearly 70% of recent customers saying that the sliders at White Castle are something they would go back for.

It kind of makes sense that White Castle would top the list, since their entire marketing strategy is built around their sliders being something to come back for. Their boxes of sliders are called “Krave Cases,” and the slogan of the brand is “What You Crave.”

Even movies like Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle depict the lengths one would go just to satisfy that craving for some White Castle sliders.

The other burger chains to make it into the top 10 most craveable burgers and the percentage of recent customers that crave their burgers, in order, are as follows:

10. The Habit (40.2%)

9. Fuddruckers (40.3%)

8. Carl’s Jr. (41.2%)

7. Red Robin (42.5%)

6. Five Guys (42.6%)

5. Whataburger (46%)

4. In-N-Out (48.6%)

3. Burger King (49.5%)

2. Krystal Company (61.8%)

Interestingly, the top two craveable burger chains were both places that specialize in sliders. Maybe that smaller size just means that we desire them more than actual burgers, or that they’re easy to want all the time since you can just get a couple as a snack versus a bunch for a meal.

In any case, it seems like sliders are what America craves more than anything else.

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