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Wendy’s Burger Patties Are Actually Square Because Grandma Said So


If you’ve ever bitten into a Wendy’s burger and felt the urge to yell at Dave Thomas for putting a square meat patty inside a round bun, you’ll be happy to know that there’s a couple reason for it.

The first cozy reason for the oddly shaped patties, is that Thomas’s grandma would always tell him not to cut corners, according to Thrillist. With that code drilled into his head, the best way to incorporate that motto into the company, was with the meat.

While that explanation is cute, the more business-conscious explanation is that the patty becomes more visible as the corners stick out from the bun. The Wendy’s director of brand communications told Thrillist that Dave wanted people to see the patty’s “juiciness.”

At least now we know that there’s a reason, but it still won’t make people with OCD any less angry.

picthx Wendy’s Facebook

By Isai Rocha

Isai is the self-proclaimed Kanye West of burrito eating. He has a hard time trusting vegans, ranch dressing and especially vegan ranch dressing.

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