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Horrified Mom Finds Dirty Razor Blade In Her Kid’s Soda At Wendy’s


The thought of finding a dirty razor at the bottom of your soda cup is downright terrifying. It’s even more terrifying if you happen to be a parent at that razor was at the bottom of your child’s cup. Such was the case for Aubrey Simonds.

Simonds posted a few photos on her Facebook of the cup from the Keene location of Wendy’s. She had bought a soda for her daughter on Monday and filled it with a clear soda. While the daughter drank some of it, she was able to spot the slime-covered razor at the bottom of the cup before something more serious happened. Luckily, the girl is OK.

After an investigation, the razor is believed to belong to an employee of a cleaning company hired by Wendy’s to thoroughly clean the stoves of the kitchen. The blade was thrown in the trash but then removed so that no one would get cut with it. It was put into a soda cup to make sure it was properly disposed of. Unfortunately, it wasn’t.

Because the specific Wendy’s hasn’t had any problems in the last 40 years, no action will be taken again them in this isolated incident. Wendy’s reached out and apologized to Simonds and her family.

Photo: Facebook

By Peter Pham

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