We Are Not Worthy: Lady Builds the Ultimate Super Bowl Snack Stadium


I’ve never been a fan of pre-packaged party platters — lifeless celery sticks, ranch, meat and cheese cubes packed air-tight inside cold plastic containers. However, Heather of A Lil Curious created a Super Bowl Snack-Stadium (tutorial here) so breathtaking that it will make you swear off those platters sitting lonely next to the expired potato salad.

Using 22 bankers boxes, aluminum foil pans, styrofoam and lots and lots of super glue, Heather was able to create a beautiful display for her party’s game-day snacks. The “stadium” was filled with a generous amount of chicken wings, onion rings, chips, pizza, deli meat and cheeses, broccoli (some of which were banished to the “outdoors”), cheddar-wrapped hot dogs, bread, and even layered chip dip for the field.

Needless to say, it made for an extraordinary feast. Check out the before and after below:


Picthx A Lil’ Curious

By Charisma Madarang

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