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Sushi Crunch Wraps Are The Latest Innovation From This Creative Sushi Joint

Sushi creations have been getting mad innovative over the past couple of years, with items like sushi donuts and burgers taking over the food world. One wild sushi restaurant is taking these to the next level with their newest item: A crunch wrap, akin to one you’d find at Taco Bell, but made entirely out of sushi.

Photo courtesy of Wave Sushi

This Sushi Crunch Wrap can be found at Wave, a sushi restaurant in Mount Dora, Florida. Known for creations like their 16-pound sushi donut, the Crunch Wrap is the latest in a line of fusion items the joint has pulled off.

To make this, chef Jonathan McKinney utilizes sushi rice as an adhesive to hold together pieces of seaweed that serve as the outer layer. Inside of that goes rice, cream cheese, krab, spicy tuna, a fried sheet of nori, cucumbers, and avocado. The entire thing is dipped in tempura batter before taking a trip to the deep fryer to get a golden brown, crispy finish.

Photo courtesy of Wave Sushi

McKinney hasn’t stopped at just the Crunch Wrap, however. He’s also created a Sushi Hot Dog that uses an uncut krab roll as the “bun.” It then gets stuffed with spicy tuna, avocado, cucumber, and sauce, looking just like a hot dog but made out of fish.

Seeing one restaurant create so many iconic dishes out of sushi is pretty unique, and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

By Constantine Spyrou

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