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Watch This Guy Juice An Entire McDonald’s Meal Then DRINK It

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 10.52.04 AMThis guy posted a YouTube video juicing fast food and it got really weird. He juiced (well, sludged) a couple of McDonalds burgers, fries and a soda, then drank a full glass of the brown sludge.

I was completely prepared to watch him throw it up and, to be honest, I’m still surprised that he didn’t. As far as juicing videos go, this is pretty entertaining. Note their use of slo-mo and highly appropriate music selection.

All in all, it’s just one of those things that you don’t want to watch, but you just can’t stop watching. It was posted 4 days ago and 239,000 people have already watched it.

They’re taking requests for more Junk Juice recipes, and at the end of the video, suggest several other concoctions that sound as nasty as this one.

By Lauren Urrea

Lauren leads a healthy and active lifestyle. Healthy consists of only two food groups: desserts and Mexican food. Active is defined as the distance it takes to walk from the parking lot to the entrance gate at Disneyland.

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