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Warheads Hard Seltzer Now Exists

Photo: Artisanal Brew Works

Warheads seems to be having quite a resurgence this summer, especially with it’s own limited edition clothing collection and now, hard seltzer. Yes, you read that right, Warheads has linked with Artisanal Brew Works to produce its own line of Extreme Sour Hard Seltzers.

The Hard Seltzers will come in five mouth-puckering flavors: Watermelon, Black Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, and Lemon. Each drink clocks in at 5% alcohol, making for some ideal sipping sessions this summer.

The official Warheads Spiked Seltzers are available now at Artisanal Brew Works’ Temporary Taproom in Saratoga, New York or at select distributors in California, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. Check below for specific availability details:

By Reach Guinto

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