Walmart to Sell Budget Friendly Organic Food


Walmart is set to join the organic food race with their own line of affordable products. The retail giant has teamed up with equally impressive organic superpower Wild Oats to create a new line of pantry items that have already begun to hit store shelves.

Walmart’s executive vice-president of grocery, Jack Sinclair, explains that Walmart is “removing the premium associated with organic groceries”. Considering how much more expensive organic items are in comparison to your run of the mill groceries it’s surprising that Walmart didn’t put their hat into this race sooner.

In a comparison of national brands versus Walmart’s Wild Oats products the price differences were pretty substantial. Some Wild Oats products clocked in at over 50 percent less expensive than the more popular brands, for example: Wild Oats 6-ounce can of tomato paste runs $.58 while the national brand retails at $.98. Overall Walmart says Wild Oats prices will be “more than 25% lower than nationally branded items”

The affordability factor of these usually high ticket groceries could very well inspire more consumers to eat healthier due to the budget friendly prices. Roll out of the new organic goods will be select as Walmart will only offer Wild Oats products to half of its 4,000 locations, but according to Walmart’s website Wild Oats products will be available to purchase online later this summer.

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By Ashley Khawsy

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Walmart says Wild Oats prices will be “more than 25% lower than nationally branded items”

And still be the same thier regular items.

Well, different labels anyway.

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