Waffle Made of Cheese is A Breakfast Behemoth


He brought us the 100% Cheese Grilled Cheese Sandwich, then followed it up with the Breadless Bacon Double Cheeseburger. At this point, are you really surprised that Nick at Dude Foods would have the audacity to roll out with Bread Cheese Waffles? Well, he has and once again, it’s a glorious discord of food indulgent enough to satiate even the most beastly of appetites.

The Bread Cheese Waffle brings back one of Nick’s favorite go-to items — bread cheese, or “Juustoleipä” as its known in Sweden and Northern Finland. The cheese is baked, causing the sugars on the outside to caramelize and create a sweet brown crust. For the recipe, Nick uses cheese from Brunkow and Carr Valley. He then chops them up into squares, pops them into a waffle iron and 45 seconds later, low and behold, Bread Cheese waffles. Don’t forget to add copious amounts of maple syrup  to your caramelized cheese waffle and make sure you’re not doing anything for the next few hours. You’re definitely going to KO after taking on this breakfast behemoth.

H/T + PicThx Dude Foods

By Charisma Madarang

Charisma has an undying love for gritty literature and drinks coffee like water. She also hails from Toronto, Canada and is a die-hard Maple Leafs fan, sigh.

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