30 People Got Kicked Out Of A Hotel For Fighting Over A Waffle Maker


What began as a squabble over a waffle maker turned into a massive verbal battle that led to 30 people getting kicked out of a hotel, reports MLIVE. According to the Mason County Sheriff’s Department, the incident began early Sunday morning.

One woman approached another woman and asked if she was in line for the waffle maker at the hotel’s breakfast area. When the second woman refused to answer, the first began to make her waffle. The second woman allegedly confronted the first after this and the two began to fight over the waffle.

When officers arrived at the scene, there was a crowd of people fighting over the one waffle maker. Apparently there was a lot of yelling and screaming, though luckily, nothing physical.

The manager of the property asked all the parties involved in the waffle fight to pack up and leave. An officer remained behind until everyone who was a part of the fight had left.


By Peter Pham

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