Veterans Talking About An Epic Beer Run In Vietnam Will Leave You Cheering


Everyone’s got their go-to beer run story. You know, that tale you tell at parties and special occasions that’s so epic that it’s become a tradition. John “Chickie” Donohue has exactly that story and it’s pretty amazing.

Back in the ’60s Donohue was a merchant marine from New York. To sum it up, he snuck into a war zone in Vietnam to deliver beer to his neighborhood friends. If that doesn’t say “friendship” we don’t know what else could.

The young Donohue sweet-talked his way overseas and onto the war zone with a burlap sack of Pabst for his childhood pals.

Pabst Blue Ribbon did a 12-minute documentary on Donohue’s story with him and his old friends recalling what exactly happened in Vietnam. They’re calling it “the world’s greatest beer run” and they might just be right. Check it out below.

By Peter Pham

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