Man Dresses Up Like A Vendor And Casually Walks Out With A Pallet Of Beer [WATCH]

Not sure if anyone has thought of this, or if it has even been done before, but 22-year-old Alabama native named Darrius Williams certainly had the balls and  brains to tactfully steal a large amount of beer by dressing as a delivery guy.

I’m sure nothing is more hated than thievery, but in this particular case Williams cleverness can almost be applauded.

Williams has definitely mastered the art of disguise as he managed to straight-up walk into a grocery store and nonchalantly walk out of the grocery store with a cart full of beer cases, without being stopped or questioned.

This Pink Panther has managed to get away four different times. You can see how smooth, confident and well executed he manages to roll out with roughly 16 cases of beer. Darrius has been recognized from surveillance videos and local law enforcement are in efforts to track him down, but until he gets caught, the last thing this guy will run short of at his parties, are the brewskies.

h/t brobible

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