Upgrade Your Drinking With These 10 Edible Shot Glasses


Throughout your college career, you’ve probably searched the web for fun cocktails to serve at a festive gathering. Now you can go beyond finding an impressively tasty drink by also enjoying its impressively tasty container. These edible shot glasses and drink combinations are delicious ways to celebrate any occasion.


1. Air Heads


Photo by Dannah Strauss

These chewy treats are surprisingly easy to mold into various shapes. Just wrap the airhead around a shot glass and tear a piece to stick on the bottom. This waxy exterior prevents liquids from being absorbed so fill it with any fruity alcohol your heart desires.


2. Marshmallows

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Who would’ve thought that a delicate marshmallow could become a useful shot glass? Stick a fork in the marshmallow and roast the surrounding sides until crispy. Set the slightly toasted marshmallow on a plate and let the side you stuck the fork into implode. Let it harden and then pour in any decadent drink, like vanilla liquor or Bailey’s.


3. Gummies

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You’d have to be pretty dedicated to mold these sweet thangs, but you can buy them at a variety of candy stores and online. Coming in a variety of colors, the gummy glasses can be divided so you and your friends can each have your own flavor. This is definitely a grown up way to eat candy (or an immature way to drink).


4. Cookies


Dominique Ansel is clearly king of the delicious cookie shot; buttery, crumbly, and chocolatey, who could ask for more? Serving with ice cold milk for the youngster in you makes this a beautiful treat but serving with chocolate liquor is a bit more innovative for those who want to bring the cookie shot out to play.


5. Chocolate

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Photo courtesy of

Chocolate anything, always. This is no exception when it comes to getting your draaank on. Just melt your fav chocolate in a sillicon mold, put in the freezer and chocolate shots are within reach. Adding vanilla vodka or Bailey’s caramel creates a combo that’s perfect to end any meal and start any pregame.


6. Cucumbers

Photo by Dannah Strauss

Photo by Dannah Strauss

Refreshing in any salad, or chilled glass of water, but who says cucumbers can’t enhance our early morning drink endeavors? Cut about 2 inches long of a cucumber, scoop out the inside with a spoon, and add bloody mary mix. You now have the right to hashtage “#sophisticated” when you Instagram these babies.


7. Ice cream cones

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For those of you who still love childhood sweets, coat the inner bottom half of a wafer cone with chocolate, wait for it to harden in the freezer and it’s underratedly the same size as a shot glass. Pinnacle whipped, sorbet flavored alcohol, or a boozy milkshake simulates an adult version of your favorite ice cream sundae.


8. Candy canes

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Though these are definitely enjoyed the most during the holiday season but these pepperment shot glasses combined with spiked hot chocolate or any chocolate drink gives you that desired peppermint bark flavor. Candy cane shot glasses can be found in many candy stores or specialty holiday shops.


9. Ice

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Photo courtesy of

Adding water or flavored water to a shot glass mold is an easy way to form a shot glass for the alcohol you regretfully forgot to refrigerate.

10. Strawberries

Photo courtesy of Buzzfeed

Photo courtesy of Buzzfeed

For all those light weights out there, scooped out the inside of medium sized strawberries to make a perfect container for flavored Jell-O shots (that you can eat a ton of and still make it to the bar).

Shots, anyone?

Written by Dannah Strauss for Spoon University

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