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Legendary Italian Butcher Collabs With Umami Burger To Create A Wagyu Beef Burger


Photos: Umami Burger

Legendary Italian butcher and rock star chef, Dario Cecchini, is a figure in the world of food who is known for his showmanship and star quality as much as his philosophy to respect the whole animal and to use each part of it to be cooked in an appropriate way. As evidenced in his episode on the latest season of Netflix’s Chef’s Table, his booming and magnetic personality translates effectively on the screen as well as on to what he serves on your plate.

Recognizing all of this, global purveyors of gourmet burgers, Umami Burger, decided to collaborate with the famed chef and butcher in a continuation of their Artist Series line. The result of this partnership is Cecchini’s ‘The Butcher’s Burger’, a decadent offering that features Mishima Reserve Wagyu Beef seasoned with Dario’s Essence of Chianti salt and Dario’s Mediterranean Pepper Jelly Mostarda topped with Boston lettuce, extra virgin olive oil, a dill pickle, fresh tomatoes and onions all between a fresh vegan bun.

“The Butcher Burger as well as all of the burgers in general, is the best way to use beef utilizing all parts of the animal. It is a form of respect to the animal when you can use every single part. Creating this burger for Umami, I am utilizing my 45 years of experience as a butcher and 250 years of experience of my family of butchers based on great and simple food,” offered Checchini.

Having an eighth-generation celebrity butcher of Cecchini’s caliber is a win for Umami Burger, who will offer ‘The Butcher’s Burger’ at participating Umami Burger locations nationwide through April 18th, 2019 for $14.

By Reach Guinto

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