UK Women Consider Diet more than Sex

There are two primal forces of nature that drive a twenty-something college student such as yours truly in this day and age: eating and, for a lack of a better term, shagging (euro-slang is totally appropriate here, as you’ll read on). It’s difficult for me to really qualify and compare the two, but it would seem it wasn’t impossible for a thousand plus women to do so in the UK.

A recent Atkins survey of roughly 1,300 dieting women in the UK found that over a third (37.5%) admitted to thinking about their food and diet more than their partner and over half (54%) said they think more about food than sex. An astonishing one-in-ten women surveyed stated that they would feel more guilty about straying from their diet than being unfaithful to their significant other!

The survey also examined some of the motivations women had for beginning a diet regiment which was predominantly due to the pursuit of the perfect beach body while one in seven of the women surveyed said it was because of cruel comments made about their weight.

Now if Atkins could do a survey in the US to see if the same trend is as rampant across the pond…

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By Brian Yamamoto

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