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Ugh, Cappuccino Lay’s Now Exist


We’re sure it started as a joke at first, but now we have to live with the consequences. From late July through October, this year’s round of test flavors for Lay’s Do Us a Flavor contest will make their way to stores, assaulting Instagram feeds and tastebuds with such infuriatingly intriguing novelties as Cheddar Bacon Mac & Cheese, Mango Salsa, Wasabi Ginger, and, yes, Cappuccino. Ugh, you can’t just, like, not try them.

Like last year, the four finalists were chosen from crowd submissions over the past few months, and the winner will receive either $1 million, or one percent of the winning flavor’s sales, whichever is higher. Unlike last year, the new test flavors will also be available in different varieties of Lay’s chip: “Kettle Cooked” for the Wasabi Ginger and “Wavy” for the Mango Salsa.

Also, if last year’s competition was any indication, we can expect 1) it’ll be super-difficult to find all four flavors, 2) only two of the flavors will taste anything like they’re supposed to, and 3) the most boring one will win. Here’s looking at you, Mango Salsa.


By Dominique Zamora

Dominique would be a foodie if she had money to pay for food. For now, she gets by just looking at food photography, which results in at least one more starving journalism student every time Instagram breaks down.

11 replies on “Ugh, Cappuccino Lay’s Now Exist”

This article seemed unnecessarly snarky. I otherwise like this author. The wasabi ginger chips sound great. The others sound bad, but I have been wrong before, as in: I thought eating raw fish on rice would be disgusting; I was wrong, sushi is delicious and popular.

How are mac n cheese and cappuccino in any form original and creative? The lays contest rules lists this as 40% your entry. Out of the millions of flavors entered, this was all you could find to appeal to the publics taste buds to get people to buy your lays chips. Lays needs to come up with their own flavor creations and stop wasting the publics time.

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