The Infamous Mac & Cheese That Got A Hostile College Kid Arrested


With the UConn incident making waves, we had to dig around to find out what’s so special about that macaroni the 19-year-old student was arrested for. Luke Gatti was arrested after a public display of aggressive intoxication which originated from his desire for bacon jalapeño macaroni and cheese.

Recorded at the Union Street Market of the University of Connecticut Student Union, was Gatti’s drunken tirade on the manager. Allegedly, Gatti arrived at the union drunk and was asked by the manager to leave after he opened a beer. He even admits to being underaged in the video.

He goes on for about 9 minutes demanding the mac and cheese. While we’re not condoning this idiot’s actions in any way, this mac and cheese looks amazing. Seriously, check it out.


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UConn lists the mac and cheese at $2.90 for a large with an additional charge of 50-cents for access to the toppings bar. Sounds like the perfect college dish.

Barstool Sports reports that, after the incident, one of the campus eateries even created a calzone stuffed with macaroni and cheese in Gatti’s honor. Also looks delicious.

While Gatti has officially moved off the campus, no word yet on whether he’s been expelled.

By Peter Pham

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