7 People From UConn ‘MAC & CHEESE INCIDENT’ That Gave Us Hope For Humanity

Here at the Foodbeast office, we’ve been watching that UConn video nonstop.

Long story short, a drunk 19-year-old at the University of Connecticut busts into the student union and brashly demands that the manager serve him bacon jalapeño macaroni and cheese. Luke Gatti was denied service due to his current state and took it pretty badly. He blew up on the manager which eventually led to his arrest.

You can check out the original video above.

Looking back, the 9-minute video has quite a few great moments from different people trying to break up the incident. With tons of videos featuring bystanders egging on fights, the folks below give us hope that humans aren’t so bad.

Cept Gatti. He sucks. Here are our highlights.




At three different times in the video, fellow students try to calm Gatti down. While the last two quickly gave up trying to calm the guy, you have to give them props for trying to end the situtation.

The first one, pictured in the far left, made the most progress. He was even provoked by Gatti after he tried to step in. The altercation between the two students was broken up, however, by…

The No-Nonsense Employee


She wasn’t going to have any fights in her student union. Near the middle of the video, this employees quickly tells Gatti to take it outside.

The kid ignores her, however, and sets his sights on the manager once again.



Dude’s all business. Not only does he end to the situation, he handles it without any excessive means of force. Just sit on him and cuff him.

Bake him away, toys. Take him away, boys.

Cool Manager


Mad respect to the manager in this video. Not only does he put up with the full force of Gatti’s entitled crap, he maintains his cool and composure even after the kid shoves him a few times.

Sure, he could have given in to Gatti’s mac & cheese demands, but the dude sticks to his guns. All the while, the 19-year-old constantly berates him with obscene names and phrases.

Even at the very end of the video, when Gatti spits on his face, he stays calm.

Watchful Worker


The real hero of this video is the worker who’s watching over his boss like a hawk. Guess he was in the back working, because you don’t really see him until the second half of the video. When he does appear, however, you can see he never once takes his eyes off Gatti.

In the second it takes Gatti to lay hands on the manager, the worker swoops in to defend his boss.

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