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TWINKIES ICE CREAM CONES Are Now On Grocery Store Shelves

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A few months back, the Internet lost its collective minds when Twinkies-flavored ice cream hit frozen food aisles. Now, as we’ve taken a beat and calmed ourselves down, Hostess has done it again by dropping another Twinkie variation for the freezer section.

The snack brand released a line of frozen Twinkies-flavored ice cream cones, similar to Hostess’ popular Drumstick.

Hostess’ new snack is described as golden sponge cake, crumbles and cream, topped on a frozen dessert cone.

While we’re not entirely sure if the flavor will get a national release, we know that hit has arrived at midwestern states like Iowa.

We’ll keep you posted on any updates we may find. Until then, if anyone comes across the new flavor, make sure to send some our way!

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By Peter Pham

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