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Pop-Up Restaurant Is Directly Inspired By Tupac Shakur’s Designs

Conspiracy theorists who freaked out every time deceased rapper Tupac Shakur would posthumously release new music will probably have their antennas up now that Pac is opening up a restaurant on the 20th anniversary of his death.

Okay, so he’s obviously not opening it up himself, but the concept was all his, in the form of  Take 3 Burgers in Fresno opening a one-day pop-up restaurant September 13th, bringing the “Thug Life” rapper’s dining plans to life, according to 2DopeBoyz.

Before Shakur died, he wanted to open a spot called Powamekka Cafe, where all the dishes would be inspired by his rapping colleagues. Pac had made some sketches and even had menu ideas lined up, which are exactly what the restaurant will be based on.

Tupac’s sketches weren’t too intricate, but the most notable part of the drawing was the restroom design, where the doors were labeled, “Divas” and “Playaz,” both admittedly appropriate for the ’90s feel.

A couple of the menu items have been revealed, including a “California Love Chicken Sandwich,” and “Thug Passion Cake Pops,” both of which give obvious nods to the rapper.

The sandwich looks pretty dank, and the cake pops sound interesting, but let me see  Hennessy in the menu so I know it’s real.

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By Isai Rocha

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